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Links to Trainings and Webinars

FASD Collaborative

"The FASD Collaborative created a expansive webinar series for September 2021 through August 2022, which will offer 39 free webinars on a wide variety of FASD-related topics. Currently all presentations are scheduled to be recorded and will be available on-demand until September 2022. ​

Certificates of Completion

Every live and on-demand webinar participant is eligible to apply for a free certificate of completion from the Collaborative for the hours attended. ​

Graduate Credit

Non-degree-seeking graduate credit from Madonna University is available for up to 3 credit hours." 

Utah Parent Center

"The mission of the Utah Parent Center (UPC or Center) is to help parents help their children, youth and young adults with all disabilities to live included, productive lives as members of the community.

They accomplish their mission by providing accurate information, empathetic peer support, valuable training and effective advocacy based on the concept of parents helping parents.*"

*The term parent is broadly defined to include anyone serving in that role.

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